Bail Bonds: Top 5 Biggest Companies In The United States

Published: 26th March 2012
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In any market, you will discover often people who make massive and those that do not. You will discover people who are effective and those that fail. You can find companies who make a name in a certain line of business. These are the ones that happen to be successful in the field of industry that they have chosen to excel. In like manner, bail bonds companies possess a list of those that created huge in this sector. In the Usa, here are the top 5 biggest bail bonds or surety bonds companies. They are dubbed as largest surety companies depending on three criteria for instance the quantity of written premiums, their market place share and the ration of their losses.

Here are the top 5 biggest bail bonds or surety bonds companies in a survey made by the Bond Exchange and Insurance Agency. 1) Travelers Group. This is the biggest American insurance coverage company with written premiums amounting to $991,622,397 plus a industry share at 18 and loss ration only at 9. It is located in Hartford Connecticut with revenues of 25.446 billion US dollars in 2011. It features a net revenue of US$ 1.46 billion and total assets at US$ 104.602 billion all in 2011. It has branched out in every single U.S. state and in countries like UK, Singapore, Canada, Brazil and China. Its business is on personal insurance coverage, business insurance coverage and monetary, specialist and International Insurance. The monetary, qualified and International insurance consists of surety or bail bonds.

2) The Liberty Mutual Insurance Group comes subsequent in the hierarchy. This can be the 2nd largest surety company situated Boston, Massachusetts, Usa and founded in 1912. It has branches in Argentina, Chile, China, Vietnam, India, Ireland, Poland, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Venezuela, and Brazil. It has written premiums of US$ 832, 87,018 along with a market share of 15.1 and losses ration at 19.5. 3) Zurich Insurance coverage Group is the 3rd largest surety company. The bail bonds or surety bonds is part of the company’s services. It was founded in 1872. It has written premiums of US$ 482,534,915 with marketplace share of 8.8 and losses ratio at 7.1. The company’s revenues in 2010 reached US$67.85 billion with a profit of US $3.434 billion and total assets of US $375.7 billion.

4) Fourth in line is CNA Insurance coverage Group with headquarters in Chicago was founded in 1897. It is also recognized as number 7 largest US commercial insurer. It also placed at 13 on property and casualty insurance. It has written surety bond premiums at US$ 434,336,484 and marketplace share at 7.9 and losses ratio at 17.1. Lastly 5) The Chubb & Son Group located in Chesapeake, VA. It has over 110 offices all over the world with over 10,000 employees. It is the 5th largest surety company in the United states with written premiums at US$ 297,286,297, a marketplace share of 5.4 and losses ratio at 36.4. It operates surety bonds in over a hundred locations.

These are the top grosser in written premiums in 2010 and 2011. These are the companies you can contact if you need bail bonds. Surely, they are capable of assisting you in your bail bonds requirements. They will be happy to talk to you about your bail bonds requirements and do things to process it. You just leave the work to them. It is best to contact the established and reputable companies when you are in need of bail bonds so that you will be assured of the capability of the company to address your requirements.

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